Focus on LED luminaires

We design and delivers complete lighting solutions, and our know-how as an innovative player in LED lighting enables us to deliver special projects tailored for multiple purposes.

Safety light and lighting with safety build in, is however our main focus.

By using control management systems, additional features are enabled and energy consumption is reduced.

Over the years we have delivered our solutions to:
• Tunnels, road and rail
• Petroleum / Offshore
• Special projects


For tunnels, we supply Safety light and emergency luminaires,  longitudinal LED emergency light,  control systems, decorative lighting, etc.

Lighting is not enough – you need a control system with smart intuitive guidance in emergency situations. The Nord FoU study clearly demonstrates this.

Visibility in smoke - Evacuation lighting

Videos and Photos – examples

Product development


EnergyOptimal does R&D in-house and in cooperation with international partners in order to deliver first class solutions.
Certifications and approvals are done in cooperation with third party test houses of relevance.

Our quality systems and procedures are compliant and in accordance with international standards, thereby ensuring quality in all phases of development, and delivery.



EnergyOptimal AS was established in 2009. The company is a privately owned, limited liability company based in Norway.

Our lab and office facilities are located in Oslo. Our solutions are patented and awarded. We provide high quality solutions to domestic and international SAFETY LIGHT and LIGHTING PROJECTS.

Our solutions are eco-friendly and developed with sustainability in mind. We are Achilles JQS and Trans Q approved. We follow ISO standards.

For tunnels, we supply Safety light and emergency luminaires, longitudinal LED emergency light, control systems, decorative lighting, etc.

We also develop and provide safety light and illumination with safety built in for public places.




Headquarter and Showroom

Arnstein Arnebergs vei 28
1366 Lysaker

Tel: +47 22 49 30 31


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